Wexford Winter League 2019

The annual Wexford Winter League had lift-off last Friday evening in Enniscorthy. This was the first of three legs, the next one being on Friday, Nov 15 and the final one Nov 22. There was a fantastic turnout despite the freezing temperatures. Those athletes who won on Friday will be hoping for repeat performances at the next two legs as there is an award for each athlete who bags three wins. Indeed, there is a medal for everyone who takes part on all three nights.

When the scores were totted up Friday night United Striders were top boys’ club with 178 points followed by Enniscorthy (201) and St Paul’s (225). Bree and Menapians are just a few points behind St Paul’s. The young ladies of Menapians are top girls’ club with 197 points followed by Enniscorthy on 215 and DMP on 223. A mere 9 points behind DMP, Bree and St Paul’s are tied for 4th place with United Striders a single point behind them! Best overall club is United Striders on 411 points. Enniscorthy are 2nd with 416 points and Menapians are on 433. It’s all to play for!

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