Big Wexford squad in Athlone for Leinster Indoors

Many of the Wexford athletes who made the long trip to Athlone for last weekend’s Leinster Juvenile Indoor Athletics Championships made the most of the experience by doing multiple events. Some medalled, some did not. Doesn’t matter. The important thing is to have not been so hung up on doing just one preferred event that an athlete was more than happy to break out and have a bit of fun. From the point of view of parents and coaches, the more events those in your charge do the more it adds value to what is already a very long day. It takes two hours to get to Athlone, two hours to get back, and how ever long you spend at AIT itself. Injecting a little multi-disciplinary fun into the day is, without question, going to be more rewarding. And cost-effective!

The Leinster Championships conclude on March 12th at the National Indoor Arena, Abbotstown with juvenile relays also included on the programme.

The following are the Wexford performances pulled from the full results which are available at


U14 boys 1000m walk
1st Sean Walsh (Adamstown) 6:23.21 minutes

U17 girls 1500m walk
1st Maria Coone (D.M.P.) 9:07.30 minutes

U19 girls 1500m walk
2nd Ciara Mooney (Adamstown) 7:32.28 minutes

1500 metres

U16 boys 1500 metres
4th Max Murphy (United Striders) 4:17.24 minutes (pb); 7th Cian Fortune (Bree).

U17 girls 1500 metres
5th Aoife Walsh (D.M.P.) 5:02.93; 7th Maria Coone (DMP) 5.11.87.

U18 girls 1500 metres
9th Jelena McNamara (Enniscorthy)

60 metres

U12 girls 60 metres
Heat 1 7th Alannah Flanagan (D.M.P.) 10.56; 8th Lily Shannon (Adamstown) 10.74.
Heat 4 6th Pippa Fortune (Adamstown) 10.71.
Heat 5 7th Hayley Lonergan (Adamstown) 10.76.
Heat 7 2nd Kyra Jarvis (St. Killian’s) 9.40;
Semi-final 4th Kyra Jarvis (9.42).

U12 boys 60 metres
Heat 1 6th Noah Brady (Kilmore) 10.21.

U13 girls 60 metres
Heat 6 8th Lilly Ann Redmond (St. Killian’s)

U14 girls 60 metres
Heat 1 3rd Saoirse Flanagan (D.M.P.) 9.10; 6th Emma Lambert (Kilmore)
Heat 2 6th Lily Brady (Kilmore)
Heat 5 1st Kayleigh Butler (Taghmon) 8.90; 3rd Hazel Breen (Bree) 9.25.
Heat 7 1st Faye McDonnell (Enniscorthy) 8.74; 2nd Judy Sinnott (D.M.P.) 8.79.
Semi-final 1 2nd Kayleigh Butler 8.80.
Semi-final 2 3rd Faye McDonnell 8.63; 4th Judy Sinnott (DMP) 8.83; 8th Hazel Breen (Bree) 9.20.
Final 5th Faye McDonnell 8.66; 8th Kayleigh Butler 8.85.

U15 boys 60 metres
Heat 2 2nd Daniel Redmond (United Striders) 8.30.
Heat 3 1st Elijah Page-Redmond (Menapians) 8.04.
Final 3rd Elijah Page-Redmond 7.86; 8th Daniel Redmond 8.28.

U16 girls 60 metres
Heat 1 5th Grainne Roche-Kelly (Taghmon)

U16 boys 60 metres
Heat 1 4th Jack Browne (Enniscorthy) 7.89.

U17 girls 60 metres
Heat 1 5th Chloe Reck (St. Killian’s) 8.57.

U17 boys 60 metres
5th Heat 1 Lucas Page-Redmond (Menapians) 7.75. 8th in final – same time.

200 metres

U16 girls 200 metres
Heat 1 4th Ava Barry (Kilmore) 31.77; 5th Casey O’Connor (St Killian’s) 32.17.
Heat 5 1st Stephanie O’Connor (Enniscorthy) 27.07.
Final 3rd Stephanie O’Connor 26.70.

U16 boys 200 metres
Heat 1 4th Cameron Sheil (St Killian’s) 28.52
Heat 4 2nd Jack Browne (Enniscorthy) 25.87

U17 girls 200 metres
Heat 3 3rd Chloe Reck (St Killian’s) 28.62

U17 boys 200m
Lucas Page-Redmond (Menapians) DQed

400 metres

U16 girls 400m
Heat 2 4th Grainne Roche-Kelly (Taghmon) 66.24

U17 boys 400m
Heat 3 3rd Lucas Page-Redmond (Menapians) 57.45

U18 girls 400m
Cara Kelly (D.M.P.) 1st heat one (59.43); 3rd final (58.61 pb).

U19 girls 400m (timed heats, no final)
Orlaith Deegan (S.B.R.) 1st in heat (61.13), 2nd fastest overall.

600 metres

U12 girls 600m
Heat 1 12th Mia Hancock (Kilmore)
Heat 3 10th Alannah Flanagan (D.M.P.)
Heat 4 4th Kyra Jarvis (St Killian’s)

U12 boys 600m
Heat 1 11th Max Ryan (St Killian’s)
Heat 2 5th Conor Whelan (Kilmore)

U13 girls 600m
Heat 1 12th Jennifer Whelan (Kilmore)
Heat 4 11th Sarah Dupuy (Kilmore)
Heat 5 5th Aoife Doyle (Taghmon)

U13 boys 600m
Heat 2 6th Sean Power (D.M.P.) 1.56

800 metres

U14 girls 800 metres
Heat 1 3rd Kayleigh Butler (Taghmon) 2.46.75; 5th Kate Fortune (Kilmore) 2.49.46.
Heat 2 1st Saoirse Flanagan (D.M.P.) 2.36.67.
Heat 3 4th Izzy Aspel (Taghmon) 2.46.89; 7th Jaden Ryan (Kilmore).
Heat 4 6th Faye Barry (Kilmore) 2.45.31.
Final 2nd Saoirse Flanagan (2.32).

U14 boys 800 metres
Heat 1 6th William O’Rourke (D.M.P.) 2.45.
Heat 3 4th Aaron Hancock (Kilmore) 2.36.51.
Final 9th Aaron Hancock (2.39.40).

U15 girls 800 metres
Heat 3 2nd Ruby Gallagher O’Reilly (Croghan) 2nd heat 3 (2.32.29), 8th final (2.34).

U15 boys 800m
Heat 2 6th Artem Kelly (St Paul’s) 2.20.47.

U16 girls 800m
Heat 1 11th Ava Barry (Kilmore)
Heat 2 6th Éabha Keane (D.M.P.) 2.33.47; 11th Isabel Canning (St Killian’s).

U17 girls 800m
Heat 1 4th Aoife Walsh (DMP) 2.37.41.
Final 3rd Aoife Walsh (2.21.83).

U18 girls 800m (final)
2nd Cara Kelly (DMP) 2.21.38

60 metres Hurdles

U13 girls 60 metres hurdles
Heat 3 1st Ava Wilson (Bree) 10.86; 3rd Jennifer Whelan (Kilmore) 11.70.
Final 2nd Ava Wilson 10.60.

U14 girls 60 metres hurdles
Heat 2 3rd Sarah O’Brien (Bree) 10.59.
Heat 3 2nd Ruth Hassey (Bree) 11.04.
Final 5th Sarah O’Brien (10.59); 6th Ruth Hassey 10.70.

U15 girls 60 metres hurdles (final)
2nd Lea Bolger (Bree) 11.12.

U16 girls 60 metres hurdles
Heat 1 1 Kiera Wilson (Bree) 10.29; 3rd Stephanie O’Connor (Enniscorthy) 10/94.
Heat 2 3rd Ciara Laffan (Bree) 10.35.
Final 3rd Stephanie O’Connor (10.16); 4th Kiera Wilson (10.26); Ciara Laffan DQed.

U16 boys 60 metres hurdles (final)
5th Cameron Sheil (St. Killian’s) 11.17.

Long Jump

U12 girls long jump
18th Hayley Lonergan (Adamstown); 37th Alannah Flanagan (D.M.P.); 50th Mia Hancock (Kilmore)

U12 boys long jump
12th Conor Whelan (Kilmore)

U13 girls long jump
1st Ava Wilson (Bree) 4.38 metres; 3rd Jennifer Whelan (Kilmore) 4.26m; 33rd Lilly Ann Redmond (St Killian’s); 35th Sarah Dupuy (Kilmore).

U14 girls long jump
1st Judy Sinnott (D.M.P.) 4.62 metres; 11th Sarah O’Brien (Bree); 15th Izzy Aspel (Bree); 17th Faye Barry (Kilmore); 18th Ruth Hassey (Bree); 21st Kayleigh Butler (Taghmon); 22nd Hazel Breen (Bree); 25th Jaden Ryan (Kilmore); 35th Kate Fortune (Kilmore).

U14 boys long jump
15th Aaron Hancock (Kilmore)

U15 boys long jump
1st Artem Kelly (St. Paul’s) 5.34 metres; 5th Daniel Redmond (United Striders) 4.51m.

U16 boys long jump
2nd Jack Browne (Enniscorthy) 5.58 metres; 8th Cameron Sheil (St. Killian’s).

U17 girls long jump
6th Chloe Reck (St. Killian’s) 4.75 metres.

High Jump

U12 girls high jump
9th Kyra Jarvis (St. Killian’s)

U13 girls high jump
1st Ava Wilson (Bree) 1.43 metres.

U14 girls high jump
1st Sarah O`Brien (Bree) 1.50 metres; 7th Ruth Hassey (Bree) 1.25m; 15th Lily Brady (Kilmore) 1.20m.

U15 girls high jump
5th Neasa Long (Enniscorthy) 1.30 metres.

U15 boys high jump
11th Elijah Page-Redmond (Menapians).

Shot Put

U12 girls shot put
7th Lily Shannon 4.91 metres; 9th Pippa Fortune 4.50m; 12th Anna Walsh 2.63m (all Adamstown)

U13 girls shot put
21st Sarah Dupuy (Kilmore)

U13 boys shot put
5th Will Fortune (Adamstown) 8.33 metres.

U14 girls shot put
22nd Lily Brady (Kilmore), 24th Hazel Breen (Bree), 25th Emma Lambert (Kilmore)

U15 girls shot put
4th Lea Bolger (Bree) 8.18 metres.

U15 boys shot put
3rd Elijah Page-Redmond (Menapians) 11.09 metres; 4th Artem Kelly (St. Paul’s) 10.68m

U16 boys shot put
1st James Prendergast (Adamstown) 11.50 metres.