Senior Road Race 2014

Senior Road Champions

The Athletics Wexford County Senior Road Race Championship took place in Kilmore Village on Friday evening last, May 23rd, with one of the largest field of athletes in recent years taking part.

The course was run over a 5K loop, which was the original route for the Kilmore 10K race of years gone by. Starting in Kilmore Village and going anti-clockwise towards the Quay before returning to the village the course was deemed nice and flat, making for fast times.  The Ladies race covered one lap and kicked off at 7.30pm with 25 competitors. With defending champion, Jackie Carty, not available to compete, the field was wide open. Locals were delighted to see their own Fiona Kehoe of Kilmore AC first home in a time of 18.41, to take the County Senior Title, the most prestigious title of the Road Race season. She was followed in by Bree AC’s Elizabeth Egan, with a great display of form in a time of 18.37 and third home was another Kilmore athlete, Annaleigh Hore, to the delight of the local crowd.

In the Ladies Team event, the Kilmore AC team of Fiona Kehoe, Annaleigh Hore and Sinead O’Brien became County Champions on 9 points (1st, 3rd and 5th). Completing a great night for the local club, the Kilmore ‘B’ team of Helen Doyle (6th), Sharon Kehoe (8th) and Sue Cahill (17th) also took the Silver team medals with 31 points. The final medals in the Ladies Team event with to the Menapians ladies team of Lorraine McMahon (9th), Miriam Hill (13th) and Niamh O’Brien (14th) with a total of 36 points.

Next up was the eagerly awaited Men’s 10K, with Tom Hogan of SBR intent on defending his County Title, from ever strengthening opposition. Fifty-six competitors lined up for the start, which was a very strong turn-out of senior athletes vying for honours. With the Men’s race run over two laps of the course, Tom Hogan lived up to the expectation with an emphatic victory to become the County Wexford Senior Road Race Champion for 2014 in a time of 32.21, followed by Niall Sheils of St Killians in 32.49 and  Myles Gibbons of Sliabh Buidhe Rovers impressing for Bronze in 33.09. With two in the medal position, SBR were easily to take the Men’s Team event Gold, with Tom Hogan, Myles Gibbons, Tommy McElwaine (4th) and Paul Gibbons (7th) scoring for the County Title. Slaney Olympic AC finished in 2nd position on 32 points, earned by Dave Barron (5th), Martin Farmer Monaghan (6th), Jim Stafford (9th) and Mick Jordan (12th). The SBR ‘B’ team took another set of Bronze medals with Denis Moynihan (8th), Ger Doyle (10th), Noel Kennedy (14th) and Joe Lillis (15th) scoring 47 points in the event.

Full results including times are posted on, as well as the Athletics Wexford Facebook page.


Senior Ladies Road Race 2014
Place Name Name Club Time
1 Fiona Kehoe Kilmore 18.14
2 Elizabeth Egan Bree 18.37
3 Annaleigh Hore Kilmore 19.11
4 Ann Sullivan DMP 19.55
5 Sinead O’Brien Kilmore 20.39
6 Helen Doyle Kilmore 20.46
7 Tracy Flanagan United Striders 20.56
8 Sharon Kehoe Kilmore 21.00
9 Lorraine McMahon Menapians 21.04
10 Danielle Hennessey Sliabh Buidhe Rovers 21.13
11 Siobhan O’Shea Slaney Olympic 21.38
12 Martina O’Sullivan Slaney Olympic 21.46
13 Miriam Hill Menapians 22.02
14 Niamh O’Brien Menapians 22.12
15 Dawn Whelan Sliabh Buidhe Rovers 22.47
16 Claire Howlin United Striders 22.53
17 Sue Cahill Kilmore 22.56
18 Helena Browne Slaney Olympic 23.17
19 Mag Dunphy Slaney Olympic 23.21
20 Catherine Ronan United Striders 23.28
21 Sinead McCarthy United Striders 23.53
22 Aine Cullen United Striders 23.58
23 Ciara Kearney Slaney Olympic 24.31
24 Lettie Roche United Striders 24.38
25 Una Wall Kilmore 25.31
26 Maria Cullen Sliabh Buidhe Rovers 25.43

Kilmore A: 1+3+5= 9
Kilmore B: 6+8+17= 31
Menapians: 9+13+14= 36

Senior Mens Road Race 2014
Place Name Name Club Time
1 Tom Hogan Sliabh Buidhe Rovers 32.21
2 Niall Sheils St Killians 32.49
3 Myles Gibbons Sliabh Buidhe Rovers 33.09
4 Tommy McElwaine Sliabh Buidhe Rovers 34.27
5 Dave Barron Slaney Olympic 34.34
6 Martin Monaghan Slaney Olympic 34.44
7 Paul Gibbons Sliabh Buidhe Rovers 35.02
8 Denis Moynahan Sliabh Buidhe Rovers 35.10
9 Jim Stafford Slaney Olympic 35.19
10 Ger Doyle Sliabh Buidhe Rovers 35.35
11 John mcGrath United Striders 36.01
12 Mick Jordan Slaney Olympic 36.16
13 Billy Reck Slaney Olympic 36.16
14 Noel Kennedy Sliabh Buidhe Rovers 36.28
15 Joe Lillis Slisbh Buidhe Rovers 36.36
16 Conall Cooper Slaney Olympic 36.47
17 Brian O’Shaughnessy Racing 795 36.57
18 Stephen Tyrrell Sliabh Buidhe Rovers 36.59
19 Pat O’Callaghan United Striders 37.08
20 Bernard Fortune Sliabh Buidhe Rovers 37.13
21 Donncha Walsh Slaney Olympic 37.23
22 Richard Fortune DMP 37.30
23 Stephen Ainsworth Menapians 37.35
24 Patrick Curley Sliabh Buidhe Rovers 37.42
25 Paul Doran United Striders 37.44
26 Pat Foley Croghan 37.49
27 Brian Maher Slaney Olympic 38.10
28 David Leonard Sliabh Buidhe Rovers 38.21
29 Bobby Redmond Slaney Olympic 38.25
30 Luke Butler United Striders 38.30
31 Niall Crosbie Kilmore 38.32
32 Andrew Dowse Croghan 38.40
33 Pat Hyland Slaney Olympic 38.42
34 John Roban Slaney Olympic 39.10
35 Peter Ryan Slaney Olympic 39.29
36 Eugene Doherty Sliabh Buidhe Rovers 39.38
37 John Moorehouse Slaney Olympic 39.40
38 Adrian Doyle Sliabh Buidhe Rovers 39.51
39 Ciaran Bates Menapians 40.31
40 Colm Stafford United Striders 41.10
41 Jaro Sumec St Pauls 41.59
42 Emmet Malon United Striders 42.02
43 Brendan Dillon Slaney Olympic 42.13
44 Neil Hudson Slaney Olympic 42.14
45 Michael O’Gorman United Striders 42.18
46 Kevin Walsh Kilmore 42.40
47 Ger Murphy Slaney Olympic 43.08
48 Martin Kehoe United Striders 43.54
49 Michael Kinsella Menapians 43.55
50 Paul Connick St Pauls 44.13
51 Eddie Kenny Slaney Olympic 44.25
52 Bernard Wadding St Killians 45.33
53 Paul Foley Kilmore 46.30
54 Keith Styles United Striders 48.20
55 Peter Connick St Pauls 49.25

DNF Ted Flannelly United Striders

SBR A: 1+3+4+7= 15
Slaney Olympic: 5+6+9+12= 32
SBR B: 8+10+14+15= 47


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