Mr Oil Co Wexford Juvenile T&F Day 1: Important Information

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We are in the final few days of preparation for one of the biggest days of our Athletic Year. Can you please read through the following and pass on any important details to your coaches, athletes and their parents.

*Parking in the Rugby Grounds and County Council Car Park opposite Rugby Grounds entrance ONLY. Please pass this on to all parents – we need to use this venue for many events across the year and we rely on the co-operation of residence close to the track. NO PARKING ON THE ROAD – clamping will be enforced.
*€3 entry per person.
*The first event starts at 11am Sunday.
*All athletes must have a Mr Oil “number”, one person from your club must collect all club numbers from the Wexford tent. Please bring a marker with you to fill in. Each number must have Age Group (U11, U12 etc) written in large writing in the centre, athletes full name and club also written clearly.
*All helpers to report to the Wexford Tent by 10.30am. If a volunteer from your club doesn’t turn up on the day, it is up to the club to provide another helper. All clubs have to provide 3 helpers for events.
*Please remind your athletes and parents (especially new ones) that there is no cover or seating area at the track, bring your chairs, tents, rain gear etc.
*The Wexford tent is for officials only. Results are being recorded constantly, medals being presented etc. If there is a query with results etc., please approach the Track and Field secretary (Michelle Byrne), she will then check results. We do not have a facility for parents to come to the tent to find out how far their athlete jumped, threw etc, they are welcome to email the Track & Field secretary for results. Under no circumstances are any coaches to come into the tent to get extra medals etc – the track & field secretary is your first point of contact in all cases.
*Finishing judge’s results are final – they are standing on the line and are in the best position to see who comes over 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. Please remind all parents of this. Under no circumstances are the finishing judges to be approached – all queries through the Track & Field Secretary.
*Listen carefully to all announcements – the programme is subject to change but any changes will be announced.
*All athletes must be registered members of Athletics Ireland and must wear club singlet / T shirts. Spikes no longer than 5mm.
*There is no access to the track or infield area unless your event has been called or you are an official helper / steward.
*There will be a shop providing Teas, coffees, sandwiches etc. All helpers will get a free lunch!
*We are looking for someone to help take photographs of medal winners on the podium. If you know of someone who could help us for the day, please email here. We will provide a camera.
*Thank you to our sponsors Mr Oil! We really appreciate their support and would love you all to support this local Wexford Company the next time you order your oil! Please pass on same to your parents and supporters.

Finally, please remember that this event is being run by Volunteers. Over 50 people have volunteered to work for a full Sunday and the committee has met for many hours to help our Juvenile athletes experience the joy of County Athletics.

Lets hope the weather is kind!
Linda Rogers, Secretary Athletics Wexford