Leinster Development and Performance Squad Sessions

29/11/08 Sprinters Steffi Creaner, left, and Sandra Lawler in action at the Squad Sessions for Young Athletes, Morton Stadium, Santry. Picture credit: Matt Browne / SPORTSFILE

Following on from a very successful training/coaching day of Leinster Development and Performance Squads the 2nd, in a series of 5, get-togethers takes place Dec 8th at Morton Stadium, Santry. The next session after that, scheduled to take place at the NIA on Jan 17, has been put back to Feb 19 at the same venue. Please take note of slight changes in timing for the remaining dates.

Day 2 December 8th 2018 Morton Stadium, Santry 11am – 1pm (Dev) 1.30-4pm (Perf)

Day 3 February 19th 2019 National Indoor Arena 10am – 12pm (Dev) 1pm-3pm (Perf)

Day 4 March 9th 2019 AIT Arena, Athlone 11am – 1pm (Dev) 1.30pm-4pm (Perf)

Day 5 April 20th 2019 Morton Stadium, Santry 11am – 1pm (Dev) 1.30pm – 4pm (Perf)