Dannan Long and Michael Kent dominate at Leinster Championships 

Wexford had a huge number of athletes competing at last weekend’s Leinster Juvenile T&F Championships in Tullamore. This is always a weekend full of exciting contests and hard-fought wins. In recent years it has proven to be a happy hunting ground for Wexford; this year was no exception. It was noted that in some older age group events numbers were not as strong as they might have been. Hopefully, this is nothing more than a temporary post-pandemic blip.

One athlete showing no signs of post-pandemic malaise is the indefatigable Enniscorthy powerhouse that is Dannan Long. Competing under 18, Dannan followed up on his medal-winning form at the recent All-Ireland Schools with an impressive sprints double, winning the 100 metres in 11.22 seconds and the 200 metres in 22.79. He took a third gold medal in high jump (1.80 metres). Dannan’s performances suggest that he is in fine form as he faces into the inter-provincial Tailteann Games this Friday and, less than 24 hours later, the National Senior Championships.
Where Dannan led, other Wexford athletes followed and over the course of the weekend there were many Model County successes.
Under 18 high jump specialist and combined events athlete Orlaith Deegan (SBR) won both the 400m hurdles (67.81 seconds) and the high jump (1.55 metres).
Wexford had a trio of firsts in the triple jump, with Abbie Doyle (Bree), winning the under 17 event (10.22 metres), Rachel Gregg (DMP) winning at under 19 (10.21 metres).

The third triple jump gold went to Michael Kent (DMP) who took the under 16 title with a massive 13.04 metres. Michael went on to win the high jump with a best effort of 1.90 metres and the pole vault with 3.80 metres. A recent dual gold medal winner at the All-Ireland Schools, this most talented and versatile of athletes was further rewarded with championship best performances in all three events.
Ava Wilson (Bree), competing under 12, won both long jump (4.12m) and sprint hurdles (11.06 in heat, 11.39 in final).
Oisín Carroll (Menapians) won the under 16 hammer (4kg) with a best effort of 18.88 metres.
Bree showed their prowess at hurdles with gold medals going to Ciara Laffan (U15) and Ava Wilson (U12); Jaden Kenny (U14) and Keira Wilson (U15) both won silver medals. Cara Kelly of DMP placed 2nd in under 17 300m hurdles (49.30).
There were some fine performances at the 3000 metres distance, with DMP duo Aoife Walsh and Maria Coone getting well inside the previous championship best when finishing 2nd and 4th respectively in the under 16 race. Claragh Keane DMP was runner-up in the under 19 event behind friend and rival Hannah Kehoe of Thomastown AC, the latter smashing the old CBP when running 10 minutes flat.
Eimear Halpin (Menapians) had a successful weekend with three silver medals in hammer, discus and 400m hurdles. Sean Halpin, Kilmore, was 2nd in under 14 discus. Lea Bolger, Bree, and Muireann Kavanagh, Craanford Harriers, placed 3rd in U14 and U15 shot put respectively.
Owen Lennon, United Striders was 2nd in under 19 long jump (5.14m).

Ciara Martin (Kilmore), displaying excellent hurdling skills, had gold medal success in under 19 3000 metres steeplechase.
Ruby Gallagher O’Reilly (Croghan) won a scintillating under 14 300m by 0.03 seconds, Siún Byrne taking bronze.
Saidhbhe Byrne (Enniscorthy), a silver medalist in javelin at the All-Ireland Schools and one of the county’s top underage combined eventers, took the under 19 Leinster title in the same event with a throw of 35.62m. She followed up with 2nd place in both shot put and long jump.
Ever since Wexford girl Kara Morrissey, now competing for Carlow club St. Lawrence O’Toole, nailed her colours to the pole vault mast she has applied herself to the event with great diligence. She took the under 16 title with a CBP of 2.62 metres.

Joe Mooney, Adamstown AC, may have had nothing more than guest status in the 10,000m walk but that did not stop him contributing to one of the most exciting contests of the weekend. On the last of 25 laps of the track it was neck and neck between himself and Clonmel’s rising star Sam O’Sullivan. In the ‘sprint’ for the line Joe shaded it by 0.2 seconds, winning in 47.50.45 minutes. Sam, despite getting pipped, still came away with the under 18 title and a European under 20 qualifying time. Joe’s sister Ciara was runner-up in the girls’ under 18 walk.
The Wexford under 15 girls relay team put in a fine performance in the 4×100 metres to finish in the silver medal position, just 0.23 seconds behind Carlow. The Wexford U15 boys team placed third.

Full Wexford Results
Joe Mooney, Adamstown, 1st Senior men 10,000m walk (competing as guest). Time: 47.50.45 minutes.
Ciara Mooney, Adamstown, 2nd U18 Walk (28.04 minutes).
Ciara Martin, Kilmore, 1st U19 3000m steeplechase (14.14 minutes). Donny McDonald, Adamstown, 2nd U18 3000m steeplechase (11.15 minutes).
Dannan Long, Enniscorthy, 1st U18 100m (11.22s); Jack Browne, Enniscorthy, 6th U15 100m final (13.00s).
Aoife O’Connor, Enniscorthy, 7th U14 80m heat; Josh Nolan, Menapians, 6th U14 80m heat; Elijah Page Redmond, Menapians, 2nd U14 final 80m; Keira Wilson, Bree 5th U15 100m final (13.85s); Grainne Roche Kelly, Taghmon, 5th U15 100m heat; Libby Brownrigg, SBR, 7th U17 100m heat; Lucas Page Redmond, Menapians, 5th U16 100m heat; Cameron Sheil, 8th U15 100m heat.
Kate Priest, Croghan, 5th U16 400m heat; Donnacha O’Reilly, Croghan, 7th U16 final (70s); Orla Roche Kelly, Taghmon, 5th U17 400m heat; Cara Kelly, DMP, 4th U17 400m final (61s); Ailbhe White, Menapians, 5th U18 400m heat.
Ruby Gallagher O’Reilly, Croghan, 1st U14 300m final (46.94s); Siún Byrne, Croghan, 3rd U14 300m final (47.88s); Erin Byrne, Croghan, 5th U15 300m heat; Ava Wolohan, Croghan, 4th 300m heat.
Saidhbhe Byrne, Enniscorthy, 1st U19 javelin (35.62m) and 2nd shot put (9.75m); Lea Bolger, Bree, 2nd U14 hammer (27.69m); Grace Donohue, DMP, 3rd U17 javelin (24.82m); Elijah Page Redmond, Menapians, 2nd U14 javelin (31.52m); Josh Nolan, Menapians, 3rd U14 javelin (30.93m); Conor Hancock 7th U14 shot put (8.36m); Aaron Hancock 8th U13 javelin (17.71m); Patrick Byrne 4th U16 shot put (7.23m); James Kavanagh, Craanford Harriers, 9th U13 javelin (16.83m).
Emma Hickey, United Striders, 3rd U14 1,500m (5.06 mins); Claragh Keane, DMP, 4th U19 1,500m (4.54 mins); Aoife Walsh, DMP, 4th U16 1,500m (4.56 mins); Ava Barry, Kilmore, 14th U15 1,500m (5.30 mins); Angelina McNamara, Enniscorthy, 15th U17 1,500m; Chloe Wafer, Croghan, 10th U14 1,500m; Max Murphy, United Striders, 4th U15 1,500m (4.34 mins) and Joss O’Connor, United Striders, 5th (4.40 mins); Sean Lennon, United Striders, 10th U17 1,500m (4.42 mins);

Long Hurdles
Stephanie O’Connor, Enniscorthy, 5th U15 250m hurdles (41.15s); Grainne Roche Kelly, Taghmon, 8th U15 250m hurdles (45.29s); Nicole Lageu, DMP, 3rd U16 250m hurdles (42.34s); Cara Kelly, DMP, 2nd U17 300m hurdles (49.30s); Orlaith Deegan, SBR, 1st U18 400m hurdles (67s); Eimear Halpin, Menapians, 2nd U19 400m hurdles (67s).
Short Hurdles
Ava Wilson, Bree, 1st U12 60m hurdles (11.39s); Bobby O’Shea, Adamstown, 8th U12 60m hurdles (12.89s); Sarah O’Brien, Bree, 6th U13 60m hurdles (11.47s) and Ruth Hassey, Bree, 8th (12.99s); Shane Laffan, Bree, 3rd U13 60m hurdles (10.64s); Lea Bolger, Bree, 4th U14 60m hurdles (13.41s); Jayden Kenny, Bree, 2nd U14 75m hurdles (12.48s) and PJ Breen, Bree, 7th (14.34s); Ciara Laffan, Bree, 1st U15 80m hurdles (13.56s) and Keira Wilson, Bree, 2nd (13.96s); Cameron Sheil, St. Killian’s, 3rd U15 80m hurdles (16.12s).
Ruby Gallagher O’Reilly, Croghan, 6th U14 800m (2.34 mins) and Siún Byrne, Croghan, 10th (2.40); Conor Hancock, Kilmore, 12th U14 800m (2.33); Rayna Thompson, Kilmore, 6th U15 800m final (2.35), Ava Barry, Kilmore, 9th in U15 800m heat 1 (2.46), Stephanie O’Connor, Enniscorthy, 5th heat 2 and Éabha Keane, DMP, 9th heat 2; Joss O’Connor, United Striders, 4th U15 800m (2.15) and Max Murphy, United Striders, 6th (2.18); Olan Delaney, United Striders, 8th U16 800m (2.22) and Patrick Byrne, Croghan, 12th (2.28).
Dannan Long, Enniscorthy, 1st U18 200m (22.79s); Elijah Page Redmond, Menapians, 3rd U14 200m final (26.42); Jack Browne, Enniscorthy, 5th U15 200m final (26.30); Lucas Page Redmond, Menapians, 6th U16 200m final (26.65); Cillian Higgins, Bree, 5th U14 200m heat 1, PJ Breen, Bree, 7th heat 1, Jayden Kenny, Bree, 4th heat 2; Nicole Lageu, DMP, 4th U16 200m heat 2, Katie Priest, Croghan, 6th heat 3 and Chloe Reck, St. Killians, 5th heat 4; Billy Carroll, DMP, 5th U16 200m heat; Libby Brownrigg, SBR, 4th U17 200m heat.
Aoife Walsh, DMP, 2nd U16 3000m (10.48 mins); Maria Coone, DMP 4th U16 3000m (10.57); Claragh Keane, DMP, 2nd U19 3000m (10.42); Sean Lennon, United Striders, 3rd U17 3000m (10.08).
Long jump
Ava Wilson, Bree, 1st U12 long jump (4.12 metres) and Jennifer Whelan, Kilmore, 5th (3.94); Ian Power, Kilmore, 5th U12 long jump (4.03) and Sean Power, DMP, 8th (3.75); Faye Barry, Kilmore, 10th U13 long jump (3.89m); Ciara Laffan, Bree, 13th U14 long jump (3.92) and Ava Barry, Kilmore, 8th (4.22); Shane Laffan, Bree, 5th U13 long jump (4.09m); Jaden Kenny, Bree, 2nd U14 long jump (4.88m); Rayna Thompson, Kilmore, 4th U15 long jump (4.35); Jack Browne, Enniscorthy, 2nd U15 long jump (5.20m and Cameron Sheil, St. Killians, 9th (4.21m); Chloe Reck, St. Killians, 11th U16 long jump (4.27); Donnacha O’Reilly, Croghan, 6th U16 long jump (4.76m); Cara Kelly, DMP, 3rd U17 long jump (4.46m), Abbey Wolohan, Croghan, 9th (3.70m) and Neasa Long, Enniscorthy, 17th; Saidhbhe Byrne, Enniscorthy, 2nd U19 long jump (4.81m) and Rachel Gregg, DMP, 3rd (4.70m); Owen Lennon, United Striders, 2nd U19 long jump (5.14).
Triple jump
Michael Kent, DMP, 1st U16 triple jump (13.04m CBP); Abbie Doyle, Bree, 1st U17 long jump (10.22); Rachel Gregg, DMP, 1st U19 triple jump (10.21).
High Jump
Neasa Long, Enniscorthy, 4th U14 high jump (1.35m); Conor Hancock, Kilmore, 5th U14 high jump (1.40) and PJ Breen 9th (1.35); Ava Wolohon, Croghan, 4th U15 high jump (1.30); Michael Kent, DMP, 1st U16 high jump (1.90m CBP); Orlaith Deegan, SBR, 1st U18 high jump (1.55); Dannan Long, Enniscorthy, 1st U18 high jump (1.80m).
Pole Vault
Michael Kent, DMP, 1st U16 pole vault (3.80m CBP); Kara Morrissey, St. Lawrence O’ Toole, 1st U16 pole vault (2.62m CBP).
Shot put
Lea Bolger, Bree, 3rd U14 shot put (8.96m); Muireann Kavanagh, Craanford Harriers, 3rd U15 shot put (9.55); Siún Byrne, Croghan, 12th U14 shot (6.26) and Neasa Long, Enniscorthy, 13th (6.23).
Alan Power, Kilmore, 4th U12 javelin (19.55m) and Bobby O’Shea, Adamstown, 7th (15.52); Jennifer Whelan, Kilmore, 9th girls U12 javelin (10.09).
Oisín Carroll, Menapians, 1st U16 hammer (18.88m); Eimear Halpin, Menapians, 2nd U19 hammer (16.74).
Sean Halpin, Kilmore, 2nd U14 discus (22.90m); Eimear Halpin 2nd U19 discus (27.28).
Intercounty relay
Wexford 2nd U15 Girls 4x100m (54.80s) – Ava Barry (Kilmore), Lea Bolger (Bree), Stephanie O’Connor (Enniscorthy), Kiera Wilson (Bree); Wexford 3rd U15 Boys 4x100m (52.55s) – Jack Browne (Enniscorthy), Cameron Sheil (St Killian’s), Jayden Kenny (Bree), Elijah Page Redmond (Menapians); Wexford 5th U17 Girls 4x100m – Cara Kelly (DMP), Chloe Reck (St Killian’s), Orla Roche-Kelly (Taghmon), Libby Brownrigg (SBR).