Mr Oil Wexford Senior/Masters/Novice T&F Championships (Day 2) Results




The Wexford T&F season drew to a close last Wednesday (July 11) with the 2nd and final day of the Senior, Masters and Novice Championships. Once again conditions were perfect with both athletes and spectators enjoying the ultra-relaxed nature of the event. With the three categories coming together at the one meet there is a real sense of the baton being handed over by those who have seen it all to those who are just starting out. 

While overall numbers were a little down there were some fine performances. As on the previous day a good number of athletes competed in multiple events and, as before, the younger ones were once again very much to the fore. 

Photo album

Senior Women 2000m Walk
1 Triona Mooney (Adamstown)
2 Marie Mooney (Adamstown)

Senior Men 3000m Walk
1 Joe Mooney (Adamstown)
2 Enda Waters (S.O.)
3 Paul Murphy (S.O.)

Senior Women 400m Hurdles
1 Maggie O’Connor (Enniscorthy)

Novice Men 400m Hurdles
1 Conor Brennan (DMP)

Masters Women 800m
1 Helen Doyle Kilmore)
2 Sonya Byrne (United Striders)
3 Katie Gregan (Slaney Olympic)

Masters Men 800m
1 John McGrath (United Striders)
2 David Keogh (Slaney Olympic)
3 Michael Quigley (Slaney Olympic)

Novice Women 800m
1 Emer Quintero (Croghan)
2 Suzanne Keane (Croghan)
3 Gosia Szymura (Slaney Olympic)

Novice Men 800m
1 Jessie O’Connor (Slaney Olympic)
2 Michael Quigley (Slaney Olympic)
3 Gary Doyle (Croghan)

Senior Women 100m
1 Suzie Brennan (Menapians)
2 Blanaid Fogarty (Enniscorthy)
3 Aoife Ní Eochaigh (United Striders)

Senior Women 1500m
1 Róisín O’Reilly (Menapians)
2 Mary Gorham (Slaney Olympic)
3 Ciara Jones (Croghan)

Senior Men 1500m
1 Paul Doran (United Striders)
2 Joe Lillis (US)
3 John McGrath (US)

Senior Women 400m
1 Liadh Dwyer (Menapians)
2 Kelly Long (Slaney Olympic)
3 Suzanne Keane (Croghan)

Senior Men 400m
1 Aaron Browne (United Striders)
2 Conor Brennan (DMP)
3 Adam Peilow (DMP)

Masters Women 200m
1 Paula Freeman (United Striders)
2 Sonya Byrne (US)
3 Emer Quintero (Croghan)

Novice Women 200m
1 Aoife Ní Eochaigh (United Striders)
2 Gosia Szymura (Slaney Olympic)
3 Anastasia Cash (US)

Masters Men 200m
1 John McGrath (United Striders)
2 Brendan Radford (DMP)
3 Enda Waters (Slaney Olympic)

Novice Men 200m
1 Sammy Delaney (St Paul’s)
2 Conor Brennan (DMP)
3 Paul Gately (DMP)

Novice Women 3000m
1 Esther O’Leary
2 Emer Quintero (Croghan)
3 Suzanne Keane (Croghan)

Masters Women 3000m
1 Jackie Carthy (Kilmore)
2 Ann Sullivan (DMP)
3 Helen Doyle (Kilmore)

Novice Men 3000m
1 Liam Turner (DMP)
2 Michael Quigley (Slaney Olympic)
3 Joe Breen (Croghan)

Masters Men 3000m
1 Niall Sheil (St Killian’s)
2 Alan O’Connor (United Striders)
3 Paul Doran (US)

Senior Men 100m
1 Simon Archer (Finn Valley) GUEST
1 Michael Deady (Menapians)
2 James Fortune (Enniscorthy)
3 Shane O’Neill (Menapians)

Senior Women High Jump
1 Maeve Hayes (St Paul’s) 1.50m

Senior Men High Jump
1 Shane Parle (DMP) 1.90m
2 Peter O’Connor (Enniscorthy) 1.75m
3 James Fortune (Enniscorthy) 1.70m

Senior Women Long Jump
1 Sophie McCabe (Bree) 5.04m
2 Maeve Hayes (St Paul’s) 4.81m
3 Aoife Muldoon (United Striders) 4.54m

Senior Men Long Jump
1 James Fortune (Enniscorthy) 6.22m
2 Peter O’Connor (Enniscorthy) 6.21m
3 Sammy Delaney (St Paul’s) 6.05m

Senior Women 4x100m
1 United Striders (Paula Freeman, Aoife Muldoon, Rebecca Bawden, Aoife Ní Eochaigh)
2 Enniscorthy (Blanaid Fogarty, Maggie O’Connor, Emily Waldron, Sarah Larkin)
3 Menapians (Róisín O’Reilly, Catherine O’Connor, Liadh Dwyer, Suzie Brennan)

Senior Men 4x100m
1 Menapians (Jimmy O’Neill, Shane O’Neill, Luke O’Neill, Sam O’Neill)
2 Slaney Olympic (Enda Waters, Jessie O’Connor, Paul Murphy, Michael Quigley)
– DMP – dq

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