Mr Oil Wexford Juvenile T&F Championships 2018

The 2018 Wexford Juvenile T&F season got underway in a sun-baked Enniscorthy last Sunday (May 13) with Day 1 of the Mr Oil County T&F Championships. The quality of competition was excellent with impressive performances across the programme.

There were several hard-fought sprint races including, for example, the Girls U13 100m which Bree’s Abbie Doyle narrowly won from Ruby Reynolds (Menapians). In doing do she reversed the placings the pair achieved at the National Indoor sprint hurdles last March. Aisling Kelly of Taghmon looked very impressive in winning a high quality U16 Girls 100m.

The field events attracted large entries with many athletes doubling and even tripling up on events. Indeed this is one of the elements which makes this such an enjoyable day for athletes. For the field event specialists the day offered an opportunity to test the worth of the Winter/Sprint training and to make an early season mark. Saidhbhe Byrne (Enniscorthy AC), looking both fit and relaxed, was a class apart in the U15 Javelin. The fact that her winning throw of 32.66m was a full 2 metres down on her best did not bother her in the least. And rightly so. Another to catch the eye in the in-field was Eva Casey of Macamores. She looked majestic in the U14 Shot Putt winning easily with a best of 10.42m.

Many of the middle distance races saw those with ambitions to medal at provincial and national levels stamping their authority on their races early and going on for facile victories. Among those to impress were Claragh Keane (DMP), Sinéad O’Reilly and Ciara Dolan (both Menapians), Ben Wall (Adamstown), and, from United Striders, Myles Hewlett, Adam O’Connor, Aaron Browne, Nic Walkden and Aedan Rogers.

The day finished with the relays and all the thrills and spills that they bring. One can always tell who has spent time on baton changes. In the younger races the process resembles some kind of pass the parcel game! The winning Striders U13 Boys team looked pretty slick and the Menapians U16 Girls team looked seamlessly impressive as they stormed their way to an easy win.

The County Juvenile T&F programme concludes on May 27th.

Field Events
U10 Turbo Javelin 1 Neasa Long (Enniscorthy) 11.20m; Ava Doyle (Bree) 10.30m; 3 Leah Bolger (Bree) 8.23m.
U12 Turbo Javelin 1 Shannon Codd (DMP) 10.57m; 2 Ciabha Carty (Enniscorthy) 10.48m; 3 Lily Murray (DMP) 10.25m.
U15 Javelin 1 Saidhbhe Byrne (Enniscorthy) 32.66m; 2 Kate English (Adamstown) 22.38m; 3 Triini Jurisoo (Menapians) 20.56m.
U12 High Jump 1 Aoife Brennan (St Anne’s) 1.22m; 2 Lelia Stafford (DMP) 1.20m; 3 Katie Doyle (Bree) 1.18m.
U14 High Jump 1 Orlaith Deegan (SBR) 1.40m; 2 Kate O’Flaherty (Kilmore) 1.23m; 3 Niamh English (Adamstown) 1.23.
U17 High Jump 1 Rachel Power (Adamstown) 1.46m; 2 Blánaid Fogarty (Enniscorthy) 1.43m; 3 (joint) Hannah Roche Kelly (Taghmon) & Kate Jackman (Adamstown) 1.35m.
U19 High Jump 1 Triona Mooney (Adamstown) 1.25m.
U9 Long Jump 1 Judy Sinnott (DMP) 2.95m; 2 Faye McDonnell (Enniscorthy) 2.82m; 3 Izzy Aspel (Taghmon) 2.70m.
U11 Long Jump 1 Ciara Laffan (Bree) 3.72m; 2 Kiera Wilson (Bree) 3.52m; 3 Sarah O’Mahony (DMP) 3.27m.
U13 Long Jump 1 Abbie Doyle (Bree) 3.90m; 2 Caragh McDonald (Adamstown) 3.80m; 3 Grace Kehoe (Bree) 3.74m.
U11 Shot Putt 1 Emma McCarthy (St Killian’s) 5.47m; 2 Muireann Kavanagh (Craanford) 4.99m; 3 Ciara Laffan (Bree) 4.62m.
U13 Shot Putt 1 Nellí Douglas Adams (Macamores) 6.71m; 2 Caoimhe Reville (Taghmon) 6.65m; 3 Gracie Kehoe (Bree) 6.51m.
U14 Shot Putt 1 Eva Casey (Macamores) 10.42m; 2 Ciara Mooney (Adamstown) 8.70m; 3 Orlaith Deegan (SBR) 7.76m.

U10 Turbo Javelin 1 Elijah Paige Redmond (Bree) 16.85m; 2 Artem Kelly (St Paul’s) 15.61m; 3 Jayden Kenny (Bree) 15.55m.
U12 Turbo Javelin 1 Michael Kent (DMP) 21.82m; 2 Kieran Redmond (Enniscorthy) 16.00m; 3 Ross English (Adamstown) 14.46m.
U12 High Jump 1 (joint) Kevin O’Mahony (DMP) & Michael Kent (DMP) 1.26m; 3 (joint) Ross English (Adamstown) & Cian Finnegan (Craanford) 1.20m.
U14 High Jump 1 Dannan Long (Enniscorthy) 1.33m; 2 Sean Finnegan (Craanford) 1.25m.
U17 High Jump 1 Conor Brennan (DMP) 1.60m; 2 Conor Murphy (United Striders) 1.55m; 3 Adam Leahy (Menapians) 1.50m.
U18 High Jump 1 Paul Gately (DMP) 1.65m; 2 Paul Freeman (St Killians) 1.60m; 3 David Obasahan (Enniscorthy) 1.50m.
U19 High Jump 1 Dylan Colfer Furlong (Taghmon) 1.60m; 2 Joseph O’Hanlon (Taghmon) 1.50m; 3 Jacob English (Enniscorthy) 1.45m.
U11 Shot Putt 1 Shay Ellard (St Paul’s) 6.04m; 2 Peter Stefanov (St Paul’s) 5.50m; 3 Alfie Whelan (Menapians) 5.19m.
U13 Shot Putt 1 Ben O’Toole (Taghmon) 7.56m; 2 Oisín Rochford (Bree) 7.32m; Jack Halpin (Menapians) 7.14m.
U14 Shot Putt 1 Cosmo Hewlett (United Striders) 9.20m; 2 Dannan Long (Enniscorthy) 6.95m; 3 Finn Cullen (Menapians) 5.70m.
U9 Long Jump 1 Shane Laffan (Bree) 3.26m; 2 Archie Rennick (Menapians) 2.92m; 3 Zach Hammel (Menapians) 2.86m.
U11 Long Jump 1 Alfie Whelan (Menapians) 3.08m; 2 Éanna Grennan (United Striders) 3.53m; 3 Oisín McDonagh (Menapians) 3.40m.
U13 Long Jump 1 Rob Sterling (St Paul’s) 4.23m; 2 Oisín Rochford (Bree) 3.91m; 3 Eoin Kennedy (Menapians) 3.70m.
U15 Long Jump 1 Ross Flaherty (Kilmore) 3.70m.
U16 Long Jump 1 Jack Forde (St Killians) 5.64m; 2 Nathan Murphy (Menapians) 4.89m.

Track Events
U15 1 Saidhbhe Byrne (EAC); 2 Eimear Halpin (Menpians); 3 Anna Finan (St Killians)
U16 1 Aisling Kelly (Taghmon); 2 Dearbhla O’Hanlon (Taghmon)
U17 1 Blánaid Fogarty (EAC); 2 Liadh Dwyer (Menapians); 3 Sophie Codd (Bree)

U9 1 Judy Sinnott (DMP); 2 Faye McDonnell (EAC); 3 Izzy Butler(Taghmon)
U10 1 Leah Bolger (Bree); 2 Chloe Wafer (Macamores); 3 AvaDoyle (Bree)
U11 1 Ciara Laffan (Bree); 2 Stephanie O’Connor (EAC); 3 Kiera Wilson (Bree)
U12 1 Kara Morrissey (St Killians); 2 Katie Doyle (Bree); 3 Johanna Chapman (Bree)
U13 1 Abbie Doyle (Bree); 2 Ruby Reynolds (Menapians); 3 Grace Kehoe (Bree)
U14 1 Orlaith Byrne (SBR); 2 Arwyn Thompson (Kilmore); 3 Niamh English (Adamstown)
U15 1 Chloe O’Toole (Taghmon); 2 Katelyn Boggan (kilmore); 3 Leah Nolan (Bree)
U16 1 Aisling Kelly (Taghmon); 2 Sabia Doyle (Menapians); 3 Aoife O’Connor (DMP)
U17 1 Blánaid Fogarty (EAC); 2 Suzie Brennan (Menapians); 3 Hannah Kelly (Taghmon)
U18 1 Karyn Murphy (EAC); 2 Tara Doyle (Adamstown); 3 Rebecca Bawden (United Striders)
U19 1 Olivia Howe (Bree)

Middle Distance
U10 500m 1 Leah Bolger (Bree); 2 Neasa Long (EAC); 3 Áine Creane (Adamastown)
U12 600m 1 Sarah Phylan (EAC); 2 Katie Doyle (Bree); 3 Aoife Walsh (DMP)
U14 1500m 1 Sinead O’Reilly (Menapians); 2 Orlaith Deegan (SBR); 3 Arwyn Thompson (Kilmore)
U15 1500m 1 Claragh Keane (DMP); 2 Eimear Fortune (Kilmore); Ciara Martin (St Pauls)
U16 1500m 1 Ciara Dolan (Menapians); 2 Louise Doyle (United Striders); 3 Erinn Shannon (United Striders)
U17 1500m 1 Aisling Power (United Striders); 2 Hannah Kelly (Taghmon); 3 Kate Jackman & Rachel Power (Adamstown)
U18 1500m 1 Grace Costello (United Striders); 2 Rebecca Bawden (United Striders); 3 Allanah Byrne (United Striders)
U19 1500m 1 Triona Mooney (Adamstown)

U9 Relay
1 Taghmon – Kayleith Butler, Anna Assinder, Izzy Aspel, Emma Creane
2 St Pauls – Roseanna King, Hannah Rose Roche, Tessa King, Molly Kelly
3 EAC – Fay McDonnell, Ella Belle, Helena Doyle, Caoimhe Higgins
U11 Relay
1 Bree – Ciara Laffan, Chloe Casey, Maura Doyle, Kiera Wilson
2 Taghmon – Ellie Murphy, GrainneKelly, Chloe Geoff, Deirbhla O’Dwyer
3 United Striders – Lily Meekans, Meave Burke, Leah Kehoe, Ava Kehoe & Romy Belton
U13 Relay
1 Bree – Abbie Doyle, Johanna Chapman, Gracie Kehoe, Katie Doyle
2 EAC – Ava Byrne, Siofra Fenlon, Mary Hammel, Ciabha Carty, Felicia Davis, Sarah Filan
3 Kilmore – Niamh Fortune, Aine Fortune, Niamh O’Flaherty, Freya Thompson
U15 Relay
1 Kilmore – Katelyn Boggan, Eimear Fortune, Dawn McKenna, Arwyn Thompson
2 United Striders – Kelly Corbett, Ciara Murphy, Hazel Hickey, Isobel Bawden
U17 Relay
1 Menapians – Liadh Dwyer, Sabia Doyle, Roisin O’Reilly, April Keeling
2. United Striders – Aoife Ni Eochaidh, Louise Doyle, Eve Byrne, Aisling Power, Claire Doyle
U19 Relay
1 United Striders – Grace Costello, Alannah Byrne, Rebecca Bawden, Aoife Muldoon
2 Adamstown – Triona Mooney, Zara Power, Sonia Mooney, Tara Doyle

U15 1 Ross O’Flaherty (kilmore)
U16 1 Jack Forde (St Killians); 2 Dara Casey (Bree); 3 Nathan Murphy (Menapians)
U17 1 Aaron Browne (United Striders); 2 Conor Brennan (DMP); 3 Ryan Kielty (United Striders)

U9 1 Shane Laffan (Bree); 2 TJ Murphy (United Striders); 3 Archie Renwick (Menapians)
U10 1 Jayden Kenny (Bree); 2 Elijah Paige Redmond (St Pauls); 3 Tomas Brennan (EAC)
U11 1 Cian Donovan (Menapians); 2 Oisin Larkin (EAC); 3 Alfie Whelan (Menapians)
U12 1 Kevin O’Mahoney (DMP); 2 Tom Funge (Craanford); 3 Sam Myers (United Striders)
U13 1 Ben O’Toole (Taghmon); 2 Tommaso Hickey (United Striders); 3 Rob Sterling (St Pauls)
U14 1 Sean Rowley (Bree); 2 Cosmo Hewlett (United Striders); 3 Myles Hewlett (United Striders)
U15 1 Oisin MacEochaidh (United Striders); 2 Ben Wall (Adamstown); 3 Darragh Flannelly (United Striders)
U16 1 Jack Forde (St Killians); 2 Dara Casey (Bree); 3 Michael Broderick (EAC)
U17 1 Shane O’Neill (Menapians); 2 Aaron Browne (United Striders); 3 Conor Brennan (DMP)
U18 1 David Obasahan (EAC); 2 Nic Walkden (United Striders); 3 Paul Freeman (St Killians)
U19 1 Jacob English (EAC)

Middle Distance
U10 500m 1 Jayden Kenny (Bree); 2 Tomas Brennan (EAC); 3 Elijah Paigee Redmond (St Pauls)
U12 600m 1 Killian Brennan (EAC); 2 Olan Delaney (United Striders); 3 Sam Myers (United Striders)
U14 1500m 1 Myles Hewlett (United Striders); 2 Cosmo Hewlett (United Striders); 3 Ben Myers (United Striders)
U15 1500m 1 Ben Wall (Adamstown); 2 Darragh Flannery (United Striders); 3 Aidan Shannon (United Striders)
U16 1500m 1 Adam O’Connor (United Striders); 2 Nathan Murphy (Menapians)
U17 1500m 1 Aaron Browne (United Striders); 2 Conor Keane (DMP) ; 3 Ryan Kielty (United Striders)
U18 1500m 1 Nic Walkden (United Striders); 2 Rory Cassidy (Kilmore); 3 Paul Freeman (St Killians)
U19 1500m 1 Aedan Rogers (United Striders); 2 Tomas Breen (SBR); 3 Jacob English (EAC)

U9 Relay
1 United Striders – TJ Murphy, Fionn Mac Eochaidh, Darragh Grennon, Makita Wall, Adam Bucka
2 Bree – Shane Laffan, Billy Doyle, Aiden Wall, Fred Devereux
3 Menapians – Archie Renwick, Jessie Murphy, Zach Hammel, Jim Kelly, Rory Henderson
U11 Relay
1 EAC – Tomas Brennan, Tomas Fenlon, Jack Browne, Oisin Larkin
2 Bree – Conn Fraser, PJ Breen, James Hall, Jayden Kenny
3 Menapians – Alfie Whelan, Ryan Whycherly, Billy Martin, Oisin McDonagh
U13 Relay
1 United Striders – Sean Lennon, Tommaso Hickey, Sam Myers, Alan Delaney
2 St Pauls – Rob Sterling, Lucas Paige Redmond, Jacob Sumec, James Byrne
3 United Striders – Ronan Shannon, Eoin Hannon, Charlie Alfred, Luca O’Connor
U15 Relay
1 United Striders – Myles Hewlett, Aidan Shannon, Eoin Shannon, Dara Flannelly 2 United Striders – Cosmo Hewlett, Aidan Kehoe, Ben Myers, Oisin EacEochaidh
U17 Relay
1 United Striders – Ryan Kielthy, Adam O’Connor, Conor Murphy, Aaron Browne

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