Co Wexford Sportshall Athletics 2017, Enniscorthy

Classes 3rd & 4th Girls
1st  Adamstown  43.5pt
2nd  Crossabeg  34.5 pts
3rd  Ballyhack  23 pts
4th  Mercy Wexford  22 pt

Classes 5th & 6th Girls
1st  Adamstown  46pts
2nd  Mercy Wexford  28pts
3rd   Crossabeg  27 pts
4th  Ballyhack  22 pts

Classes 3rd & 4th Boys
1st  Crossabeg  39.5pts
2nd  Ballyhack  33pts
3rd  Adamstown  31.5ptds
4th  Mercy Wexford  16 pts

Classes 5th & 6th Boys
1st  Adamstown  36pts
2nd  Crossabeg  36 pts
3rd  Ballyhack  36pts

In 5th/6th class boys all 3 teams had same number of 1st, 2nd & 3rds over 12 events! This meant there was a run-off relay. Adamstown won by the proverbial whisker.

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